Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Today is a day we focus on giving thanks for everything in our lives. The people, the opportunities, and the “stuff” we have. Let’s try to focus on being thankful for the things that others pray to have. Good health, family, friends or perhaps a job. The ability to laugh at oneself. The acknowledgment that we have of our actions so we can help others in need.

It’s easy to be thankful for the new car, the house we might have or all the toys we have but let’s be thankful for those things that we have to think about. The ability to walk, to talk, or feed ourselves. The ability to give love to others who need it. The awareness of our shortcomings and how we can improve ourselves.

But most important is to be thankful everyday of our lives for the people and events that make up a life with living. For even in events that may seem dire, there is always an opportunity to be thankful. Look for it, it’s there.




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