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New book chapter April 05, 2017 21:51

Okay I just finished up now on one of the questions that I wanted to focus on in the book. It had to do with how people deal with other children during the grieving process. It seems that a lot of people have guilt that they focus all their attention on the person that has died and not the other family members.

So I thought it would be interesting to get some insight from spirit. Basically they mention to keep the lines of communication open. This way you allow the others to grieve on their own schedule but also let them know that you still love them and that you're still thinking about them.
Openly, considerately and compassionately.

They also had some great perspective on the interaction dynamics of various friends and family members.

It’s never too late to start over again March 28, 2015 17:49

It’s never too late to start over again. People have a belief that starting over means starting from scratch but in reality it’s just starting over from where you are now.

New projects, new dreams and goals are all forms of starting over. It’s actually the action of refocusing your life’s priorities. You have just made a choice to focus in a new direction. So be confident that what you are about to do is in fact positive and don’t look at it as starting from the beginning of your life, career or goals.

Good luck and have faith!


Excerpt from " I Got Your Message!", Numbers... January 14, 2015 14:17

Joe the concept of numbers in your society is very important to individuals on a whole. You see these figures that you call numbers are used in your everyday life from scheduling your activities to understanding the concept of time on your plane.

So we tune into this concept as it is a theme that is easily used to make contact with your side.......

Birth dates, special occasion dates, and even the date when a loved one has passed, are all used to connect the deceased with the living. These particular numbers would only be associated with a particular person and therefore the living loved one would recognize it over other random numbers.


Happy Thanksgiving Day November 27, 2014 10:46

Today is a day we focus on giving thanks for everything in our lives. The people, the opportunities, and the “stuff” we have. Let’s try to focus on being thankful for the things that others pray to have. Good health, family, friends or perhaps a job. The ability to laugh at oneself. The acknowledgment that we have of our actions so we can help others in need.

It’s easy to be thankful for the new car, the house we might have or all the toys we have but let’s be thankful for those things that we have to think about. The ability to walk, to talk, or feed ourselves. The ability to give love to others who need it. The awareness of our shortcomings and how we can improve ourselves.

But most important is to be thankful everyday of our lives for the people and events that make up a life with living. For even in events that may seem dire, there is always an opportunity to be thankful. Look for it, it’s there.


I Got Your Message! October 28, 2014 10:28

From... I Got Your Message ! October 27, 2014 12:31

Excerpt from " I Got Your Message!" October 24, 2014 12:02

A specific song may be associated with a specific love one but a specific song can also be associated with many deceased loved ones. It is how it is used and when it is implemented that makes the difference when we use that particular method.
Channeled From Joes Guides

New Home August 28, 2014 11:58

Just a few words to start off this blog on our new site. I will continue to add insight from my guides in order to bring understanding and peace to those who read these words, and to make people think about who they really are and the power they have to bring healing and peace to others.

Love & Light,

Joe Higgins