One on One 12 week Book Publishing Program



Join Joe Higgins in 2020 for this one on one 12 week course.

Through Skype, phone and text we will work together to customize a plan for you to complete your book within 3 months.


Why a book?

Here are just a few reason people have decided to write and publish a book


  1. To keep up with the competition

  2. A body of work to build on

  3. For speaking engagements

  4. To show others what you can accomplish

  5. To show yourself what you can accomplish

  6. To share your knowledge

  7. To give workshops

  8. To create a legacy

  9. To give real legitimacy to your knowledge and your authority on a subject

  10. To create multiple sources of Income


Why a book coach?

  • To help you focus and organize your thoughts

  • To help guide you through the process of writing, all the way to publication

  • To help you see what impact you will have on others.

  • To show you how to promote your book

  • To help you create an author platform

  • To help you create new exciting opportunities

  • To keep you motivated from beginning to end


In this course we will cover:

  • How to Focus and organize your thoughts

  • The process of writing your manuscript all the way to publication

  • How your writing will affect others.

  • How to find your niche

  • How to promote your book

  • How to create an author platform

  • How to prepare for interviews.

  • How to carve out time to complete your project

  • How to deal with writers block

  • Creating an E-book

  • And much more.

You will also get:

  • Help with the Organization of the book

  • Help to Focus of your story

  • Help to make sure the Manuscript is properly laid out and prepared for publishing

  • Your book will be Professionally Edited and Proofread

  • Paperback or hardcover Book

  • E-book for all devices (Kindle, IPad etc.)

  • Accounts set up for royalties ( direct to you)

  • Amazon listings

  • Online Barnes & Noble listing

  • Domain name and a webpage for your book

  • Book Announcement templates

  • Professional book cover art work

  • Prep for interviews

  • Talking points for interviews

  • An “Elevator” speech

  • A Press release

  • How to tell “your story”

  • Media contact information for radio show interviews

  • How to get free publicity

To discuss your participation in this program please email Joe at and he will be in contact with you to see if this program is a good fit for your goals.

Price $ 4,500.00